Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Faking Spring

This weekend the family "gal group" will be heading out to Worcester to try to fool ourselves for a few hours that it is not still the dead of winter. The Central Mass Flower Show seems like the right place to do that, doesn't it?

As soon as the ground thaws out there I'm going to start digging my flower beds in front of the house. At the moment there are four very lonely looking yews. I plan to extend the beds out a few feet forward and sideways and add as many flowers as will grow! I'm hoping to get a little inspiration and maybe some practical recommendations as to what will actually grow in my very sandy, part sun soil. (I know, I know, not much that flowers! Bah!)

I imagine myself having a beautiful, colorful English style garden with a nice mix of perennials and annuals:

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But then when I think practically about all the plantings all my brain comes up with is a bunch of sunflowers and marigolds... and roses, which will take a couple years to grow in.

Last summer hubby and I took a day trip down to Newport, and while wandering the waterfront we plucked off a bunch of the seed pods from the wild rose plants thinking that if they grow by the beach they must love sand! We stuck some in the ground by the mailbox in the fall (along with our crocus and tulip bulbs), and I'm fascinated to see if anything comes up.
The biggest challenge will be remembering that I planted them while I'm out there weeding so that I don't rip them right up!!

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