Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meet Jack

I bought a new little something for the house while in Vegas.

My hubby has named him Jack.

As you may perceive, Jack is a carved wooden camel's head holding a pierced metal lantern in his mouth. His expression is a little mischievous and a little smug, much as I imagine an actual camel might strive to have. I think he has plans for that lantern...

I purchased him at a store called ZGallerie, which I am now in love with. They do have a website, but the greatest part was how well the displays at the store were put together- such inspiration! And that doesn't come through online. Oh well. Gives me someplace to visit next time I'm in Manhattan.

And to answer those of you who might ask, "Why the hell would you buy that?!" I will tell you that we actually have a small collection of carved wooden and dark brown clay items hanging on the wall in our dining room. One is a carved elephant head that hubby bought in India before I met him, there are also a small holy water fountain from Capri and carved god's heads from Sicily, so I thought Jack would fit in quite nicely!

Besides, he's so damned cheeky! And sometimes you just have to have around you whatever it is that brings you joy, no matter how much shit your sisters will give you!

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