Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adventures on Craig's List: Kitchen Table

About a month ago I started searching Craig's List for some new tables for our house. Our formal dining table at the moment is our patio set, and the kitchen table is an awful particle board thing leftover from my husband's grad-school days that sags slightly in the middle. So you can see why I feel we are in need of upgrades...

Just about a week after I began hunting, I found a listing for a table that looked very promising- heavy solid, dark wood with nice detail work and the thick legs and apron I was looking for- and for a price I was willing to pay ($95.) So we drove up to look at it, saw it needed a little cleaning and touching up, but I definitely wanted it. It looked like it had a good story behind it, you know?

The very kind, very very patient woman agreed to hold it for us until we could arrange to pick it up, which we expected to be in a few days. Unfortunately, one thing after another went wrong, two weeks later we had that impromptu trip to Vegas, and going on three weeks later we still hadn't picked up the table.

My brother had said he would help move it in his pickup truck, but the darn thing kept breaking down! I was feeling a little guilty about this poor woman who was stuck with this table on her sun porch when she thought she was going to be rid of it nearly a month before. (Although she didn't seem all that bothered when we kept calling and apologizing...)

So finally this past weekend we decided enough was enough and we were just going to rent a UHaul and go pick the thing up! So we did.

Isn't it great? You can see on the end there where the finish needs to be touched up. Looks like that end was against a wall for awhile. I also need to rip off those white pads that are currently under the feet.

Aren't those legs great? I love how substantial it is. It has two leaves you can put in so it seats 8 squish-ily... We're not sure yet if it will stay here in the kitchen or move over to the dining room. We'll have to live with it for a bit and see what feels right.

So in the end we spent $95 on the table, and $90 on the truck to pick it up... which was a little frustrating while I was in the truck, but now that the table is finally home I'm totally okay with it!

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