Monday, February 2, 2009

New Kitchen Hardware

Don't you just LOVE it when you wander in to a store to get something boring like say, more paint, and you happen upon a table piled high with unbelievably priced clearance stuff?

Well, my local Lowes apparently decided it had to make room for some new curtain rod designs, so I got a new rod for the sliding doors in my kitchen and the french door in my dining room, under $25 for both of them!

This is the rod that used to be in the kitchen:

It, umm... well, it matched that gawd-awful chandelier I just replaced. (and was charmingly held onto mismatching brackets by wire)
But I think the new one is a bit nicer:

And goes better with the decor:

It matches the cat food dispenser so nicely....

And this one for the dining room is great because it extends up to 144 inches!

Which means I can hang the brackets wide enough to open the curtains beyond the edge of the door so that I get the full light coming in from the porch.

I'm also working on new cabinet knobs. I picked up a couple options from another great clearance bin at Anthropologie.

These were the most like what I had in mind- something a little sparkly and colorful- and came in green and garnet.

And these were nothing like what I had in mind, but absolutely adorable!

Unfortunately, the second ones kinda sorta clash with the wood.

And the first ones are almost distractingly sparkly and colorful...

And I kind of feel like they're watching me...

This is what was up there before:

Which isn't offensive or anything, just... boring. And at first I was thinking I'd just leave up the kind of creepy spying ones, because at least they're interesting, but now I'm thinking "but if I do eventually paint the cabinets cream like I'm planning, those other ones would look really cute..."
So maybe I'll return the creepy spying knobs, and keep enough of the coral ones for the lower cabinets (they're a little too large for the uppers) and paint or decoupage those wooden knobs for now...

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