Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Longing for Spring

I went to the grocery store yesterday and was SO excited to find SUNFLOWERS! On sale! For $5! Somehow, despite the fact that the Copley Sq. farmer's market has sunflowers year round, their presence in the grocery store made my mind go "Oh, spring is going to be here soon!"

Don't those just look like spring?
Right, well, then my gaze drifted downward toward the cart and the pile of hat, scarf and gloves I'd just taken off and I realized, no... despite the sunflower excitement, there's a good solid three more months of winter blah to get through. Sure, there will be a few surprise beautiful days thrown in there, and there was even a solitary brave bird chirping away outside today (until it began snowing anyway...) but until we're within spitting distance of June it's still unlikely to break 65 more than a few times. And really, unless it's 65, my body-and most of the garden- still thinks it's winter!

I also have a very unlikely arrangement in my living room:

That would be all the leftover dill from dinner the other night. My recipe called for 2-4 sprigs, but the grocery store was selling it by the armload! The mint bunches were pretty huge this week, too, but while I have no idea what to do with all that dill, I'm more than happy to drink mojitos and Moroccan mint tea until the mint is gone!

TIP: This is also a fabulous way to serve fresh basil for DIY salad and sandwich set-ups in the summer!

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