Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guest Bed Makeover

Hello All! I'm particularly pleased with this metamorphosis because HOLY COW what a change! On of the two downstairs bedrooms has gone from dark, dirty, and a little smelly, to bright, cheery and totally charming!
Here is what the room looked like before we moved in:

When we actually did move in all of the stickers and drawing were still taped and glued to the walls, ceiling...

and even the ceiling fan!

It was originally supposed to be my sewing room, and the other room (with the window that faced the brook) was supposed to be the guest bedroom, so this room was pretty low down on the makeover list. However, the discovery that there was a major leak in the ceiling of that room coming from the rotted out upstairs window-sill (our inspector missed that!) made THIS room the guest room, thereby popping it pretty close to the top of the "to-do" list.
Seriously, would you want guests to have to sleep in a room with carpet stains like this?

The whole thing was like that! Oh, and those are the glow-in-the-dark frogs that we pried, scraped and goo-goned off the wall.

Oh, but when the scraping was done! And after I had primed and painted THREE coats of yellow! And the carpet was up!!

Look at that floor!! I pried up all the tack-strips and staples with minimal damage (honestly, how can someone STAPLE into such a great hardwood floor?!)

I painted all those awful fake-wood doors white:

Oh! What a difference!
AND THEN! We got the bed down there:

So cheery!

That's a south facing window, and when the sun streams in there I just want to crawl in with a book and enjoy the little hide-away!

I still have some details to figure out- all the curtains and the bedspread are just what I had around (though they look cute!) And the nightstand is a little awkwardly tucked in the corner there for lack of a better place:

There's absolutely no art on the walls at this point, the long skinny window still needs a curtain, and while the fan looks MUCH better without the stars:

I'm pretty sure something a little the spot-light-like would be cozier!

But even so, much better, no?

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dining Room Details

Those mirrors that were cluttering up my buffet in the last post have finally been sorted out! I think this one looks pretty darn cute with those hooks:

I actually bought three hooks thinking that I would purchase a smaller mirror and hang two on either side and one beneath, but this mirror is so long that it would look a bit silly to have a hook under it. Besides, I think a coat would drag on the floor!
But I think the extra hook might go quite nicely in this little space between the cupboard and the sliding door out to the deck:

It would be a convenient spot to have a big floppy hat for coffee on sunny days, and a shawl for dinner... obviously not today!

I've also been playing with the objects on the shelf in the dining room:

I like this arrangement a little better for the nice pop of color. Also, it's a great way to display that dish, which I LOOOOVE! Though the larger size, which I'm currently using as a fruit bowl, might actually look better...

So now I just need to figure out how best to utilize the spot beneath the hooks.

A.k.a. the spot behind the door...

So while I would love to find a little iron garden stool for perching, maybe some kind of shoe storage would make more sense? Hmm....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dining Room: The Next Incarnation

So you remember my dining room? The orange? I thought that might spark it...

Well, it was a nice warm color. And if there had been a little more natural light coming into that room, or if it hadn't been the first room you walk into when you enter the house, it would have been perfect.

Alas the winter made me realize that really that room does NOT get enough light to carry that amount of color! It just felt like a cave.
Also, I'm trying to choose flooring to FINALLY replace the disgusting wall to wall carpet we pulled up last summer, and it's nearly impossible to see what things actually look like in there because the orange reflects everywhere!
So... it's now white.
I primed it:

I painted it:

I rearranged the furniture so now there's a little seating spot right inside the door (where the wine rack used to be):

And you notice Jack finally made it into the room?

I haven't sorted out what's happening over on the buffet yet. In this picture there are a couple mirrors waiting to be decided between to accompany these adorable coat/hat hooks in a little preening area to go behind the door:

I found those online at Look In the Attic and Co.
Oh, and the doors are going to be pink! There was an adorable little white cottage in the town I grew up in that I always fantasized I might someday live in. It was a little white-washed brick house with pink doors and a simple English garden.
My house may not be brick, but it is white! And I'm working on the garden! So why not go for the pink doors?!

I'm having a little trouble finding the right pink, though:

None of these three were exactly right.

Skittles couldn't even look at it... But I picked up another sample can that shows promise! I'll keep you posted!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not In India... Part Dos

After a slight delay, here are some photographic highlights from Kerala and Bombay. Not necessarily the best things or times (many of those were hanging out with the family!), but the best photos!

Varkala Beach, Kerala, 2007
Dramatic beautiful beach where the town peers down from its perch on the top of the cliff. Picturesque tidal stream separates the beach from, what's that? The police emergency assistance hut?! Hope you don't mind a little wading in your emergency!

Moving construction dirt, waterway of Kerala

View from Rice Barge turned Cruise Boat, Kerala

Uninvited lunch guest when while tied up to shore!

Fisherman setting his nets up at sunset. Tourist boats aren't allowed to start the day until fishermen have pulled their nets in after sunrise. Kerala.

Fisherman drying his nets, Kerala.

OK, just more boats in Kerala, but isn't that a pretty picture?!

Herding Ducks, Kerala.
No, really- he's herding ducks! There were HUNDREDS of them, all swimming in a LOOOONG line ahead of his boat, back to his house where his wife (I assume) was standing and feeding them!

Chinese fishing nets, Cochin, Kerala.
And quite possibly the MOST trash covered beach I've ever seen.

Fresh fish from those nets.

Camel all decked out for the tourists, Cochin.

Shooting a film, Cochin.

And now moving further north:

Quintessential Bombay (yes, that's Mumbai.) You've got to love the mix of traditional and modern here: Women in burkhas walking beneath signs advertising sexy sequin tops and cell phone companies! 2007

Traditional woodworkers, roadside, Bombay, 2007.

They're making these things- with their hands, on the side of the road!

Beer and pizza in Colaba (downtown Bombay.) 2007

Broken rollerskate as impromptu toy, Mahim, Bombay, 2008.

Keeping guard over cricket games on the day leading up to a controversial political rally, Shivaji Park, Mahim, Bombay, 2008.

White wedding horse delivery (this is the horse that the groom will ride!) Mahim, 2008.

Back street between apartment buildings, Mahim.

City Light Vegetable market.

Modeling the latest fashions (as of Feb. 2008!), Mahim.

Checking out the caves at Elephanta Island, Bombay.

Sunset at Chowpatty beach, Bombay.

Hindu wedding in Bombay.

Activities at shrine across from St. Mary's Church, Bandra.

Illicit lovers hiding under the docks, Bandra.

Amul butter predicts the election of Hillary Clinton!

Outdoor market, somewhere near the Chor Bazaar...

Haji Ali, through the smog, Worli, Bombay.

And Haji Ali closer up during the day (this one is my friend's picture!)