Thursday, April 2, 2009

Living Room Re-Reveal!

I understand that there were some questions when I painted my living room the first time around. It started out full-on neutral:

Which looked great with the previous owner's faux-leather furniture and large wood cabinet, but didn't really go with my colorful furniture.

I also found that as the days got shorter and the sun less bright that the room was looking more army-green than safari-tan.

And gosh-darn-it, this was MY first house! I wanted to paint crazy colors on the wall! Because no on could tell me I can't!

So I did. I painted the living room peacock blue:

Which was a lot of fun. And a great color... for a MUCH smaller space! But it did keep the room feeling very cozy all winter.

But as the winter came to a close, I realized that it was time to lighten up the color a bit. So I gathered together light colored paint chips of all tones and shades and began the process all over again. And you know where I ended up?
Really, can you guess? If you've seen my other rooms you may have an idea...


But a very different pink than I've used before.
I should have waited to take pics until I got a sunny day, but these will at least give you an idea!

I decided to temper the pink a bit with a grey family gallery wall by the stairs. Though this grey looks a bit mauve, so that'll be repainted.

I think the mirror end table and silver lamp I picked up on sale at HomeGoods just looks so perfect with the new scheme! (Pay no attention to Dress My Nest on the TV there!)

You may not be able to see him there on the mirrored table, so here is a close up of a little porcelain bird I'm completely in love with:

I picked him up at Christmas Tree Shop, marked $3.99, but he rang up at $1.99!
I should have walked back in right then and picked up a couple more (they had two designs) but Hubby was with me, and you know how hubbies get with tchotchke shopping!
Since then he's been flying all over my living room, from the window sill to the side table and the video case... finally he seems happy to stay where he is and admire himself all day!

I added a little sparkle to the other side of the room by propping a mirror over the bookcase and putting the gold branches in front of it.

And with the TV in front of the stairwell I decided to splurge a bit on this fancy switchplate from Anthropologie for the switch just above:

The family will recognize that first picture on the gallery wall!
And those of you that read what I was up to last weekend will recognize the banister I spray-painted silver. I also sprayed the supporting hardware the same gold I used on the branches in front of the mirror.

I'm still working on some details, so I'll get more pictures up as I go. In the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed the living room as much as I am!

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SILVIA said...

hi there, thanks for coming by my blog...
i like the new paint color a lot and the mirror table adorable,i just did a post about mirror furniture i love them!.your place looks great, thanks again and please come back again...