Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not In India...

I'm a bit late in posting this, but I think it just took me awhile to finally accept that I really will not be going to India this year...
For the last four years in a row, Hubby and I have broken up our winter by spending a few weeks in January or February visiting family and traveling around in India. This year he was just too busy at work to get away, though!
So instead of posting about what a great vacation I had, I'll share a few highlights from our past trips. I'm going to break it up into a two-part post so as not to overwhelm!
First our 2005 trip to Bombay, Dehli and Rajasthan.
"Get out out of the road, crazy white lady!" Bombay, 2005

Getting mehendi applied for our engagement party. I was so honored, and SO uncomfortable!

If you're going to India and it might be your only time there, you have to go see the Taj Mahal. No, really, you MUST go see it- it's one of the LEAST over-hyped things I've ever been lucky enough to get to.

Shepherd in Rajasthan.

Souvenir shop, Amber Fort, Rajasthan

Gathering Water, Amber Fort garden, Rajasthan

Floating Lake Palace (featured in "Octopussy"), during a drought, Udaipur.

Entrance garden to King's Palace Hotel, Udaipur. It really is the King's palace- part of it has been converted to a hotel- the King's family live in the next compound over! It's BEAUTIFUL!!

And now, 2006 flying into Bangalore and driving across the south to Mangalore:

Bus safari, Banargatta Wild Animal Park, near Bangalore. (2006)

Tiger, Banargatta.

Learning the family trade near Banargatta.

Mysore Palace

Selling snacks, Mysore.

Bangle shopping, Mysore.

Early morning jeep safari, Bandipur National Park (Thanks Mommy!)

And then the jeep broke it's front axle!! It was about a two hour hike back to the house! Lovely, really, except for the constant and sudden desire to NOT see any wild animals!

Enjoying the Sunrise at Muthodi Forest house.

Either Halebid or Belur Temple, near Mangalore.

View out the front gate of the Temple.

Check back for Kerala, and two weeks in Bombay!!

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SILVIA said...

wow those pics are nice,it so different there eh! and the jeep broke down????,oh my!!! all i can say you are a brave girl ...thanks for stopping by..