Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not In India... Part Dos

After a slight delay, here are some photographic highlights from Kerala and Bombay. Not necessarily the best things or times (many of those were hanging out with the family!), but the best photos!

Varkala Beach, Kerala, 2007
Dramatic beautiful beach where the town peers down from its perch on the top of the cliff. Picturesque tidal stream separates the beach from, what's that? The police emergency assistance hut?! Hope you don't mind a little wading in your emergency!

Moving construction dirt, waterway of Kerala

View from Rice Barge turned Cruise Boat, Kerala

Uninvited lunch guest when while tied up to shore!

Fisherman setting his nets up at sunset. Tourist boats aren't allowed to start the day until fishermen have pulled their nets in after sunrise. Kerala.

Fisherman drying his nets, Kerala.

OK, just more boats in Kerala, but isn't that a pretty picture?!

Herding Ducks, Kerala.
No, really- he's herding ducks! There were HUNDREDS of them, all swimming in a LOOOONG line ahead of his boat, back to his house where his wife (I assume) was standing and feeding them!

Chinese fishing nets, Cochin, Kerala.
And quite possibly the MOST trash covered beach I've ever seen.

Fresh fish from those nets.

Camel all decked out for the tourists, Cochin.

Shooting a film, Cochin.

And now moving further north:

Quintessential Bombay (yes, that's Mumbai.) You've got to love the mix of traditional and modern here: Women in burkhas walking beneath signs advertising sexy sequin tops and cell phone companies! 2007

Traditional woodworkers, roadside, Bombay, 2007.

They're making these things- with their hands, on the side of the road!

Beer and pizza in Colaba (downtown Bombay.) 2007

Broken rollerskate as impromptu toy, Mahim, Bombay, 2008.

Keeping guard over cricket games on the day leading up to a controversial political rally, Shivaji Park, Mahim, Bombay, 2008.

White wedding horse delivery (this is the horse that the groom will ride!) Mahim, 2008.

Back street between apartment buildings, Mahim.

City Light Vegetable market.

Modeling the latest fashions (as of Feb. 2008!), Mahim.

Checking out the caves at Elephanta Island, Bombay.

Sunset at Chowpatty beach, Bombay.

Hindu wedding in Bombay.

Activities at shrine across from St. Mary's Church, Bandra.

Illicit lovers hiding under the docks, Bandra.

Amul butter predicts the election of Hillary Clinton!

Outdoor market, somewhere near the Chor Bazaar...

Haji Ali, through the smog, Worli, Bombay.

And Haji Ali closer up during the day (this one is my friend's picture!)

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