Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dining Room Details

Those mirrors that were cluttering up my buffet in the last post have finally been sorted out! I think this one looks pretty darn cute with those hooks:

I actually bought three hooks thinking that I would purchase a smaller mirror and hang two on either side and one beneath, but this mirror is so long that it would look a bit silly to have a hook under it. Besides, I think a coat would drag on the floor!
But I think the extra hook might go quite nicely in this little space between the cupboard and the sliding door out to the deck:

It would be a convenient spot to have a big floppy hat for coffee on sunny days, and a shawl for dinner... obviously not today!

I've also been playing with the objects on the shelf in the dining room:

I like this arrangement a little better for the nice pop of color. Also, it's a great way to display that dish, which I LOOOOVE! Though the larger size, which I'm currently using as a fruit bowl, might actually look better...

So now I just need to figure out how best to utilize the spot beneath the hooks.

A.k.a. the spot behind the door...

So while I would love to find a little iron garden stool for perching, maybe some kind of shoe storage would make more sense? Hmm....

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BRAT Girl said...

Thanks for posting on my site which brought me to yours! Your home is lovely!

In answer to the tiling question, my husband did the tile work. He screwed down cement board backing then laid all of the tile out with spacers and cut tile as needed. He then used a thin set to set the tiles in place. I believe he let it dry for 24 hours, then went over it with the grout which he let dry for 72 hours. So...not sure if you wanted that much detail but my husband is a lawyer and is a layman who has gained experience by doing it. I haven't tried it personally (I just pick out the tile and lay out the design - he does all of the dirty work! haha).

Good luck! Going to check out more of your blog. Take care! :)