Monday, April 20, 2009

Dining Room: The Next Incarnation

So you remember my dining room? The orange? I thought that might spark it...

Well, it was a nice warm color. And if there had been a little more natural light coming into that room, or if it hadn't been the first room you walk into when you enter the house, it would have been perfect.

Alas the winter made me realize that really that room does NOT get enough light to carry that amount of color! It just felt like a cave.
Also, I'm trying to choose flooring to FINALLY replace the disgusting wall to wall carpet we pulled up last summer, and it's nearly impossible to see what things actually look like in there because the orange reflects everywhere!
So... it's now white.
I primed it:

I painted it:

I rearranged the furniture so now there's a little seating spot right inside the door (where the wine rack used to be):

And you notice Jack finally made it into the room?

I haven't sorted out what's happening over on the buffet yet. In this picture there are a couple mirrors waiting to be decided between to accompany these adorable coat/hat hooks in a little preening area to go behind the door:

I found those online at Look In the Attic and Co.
Oh, and the doors are going to be pink! There was an adorable little white cottage in the town I grew up in that I always fantasized I might someday live in. It was a little white-washed brick house with pink doors and a simple English garden.
My house may not be brick, but it is white! And I'm working on the garden! So why not go for the pink doors?!

I'm having a little trouble finding the right pink, though:

None of these three were exactly right.

Skittles couldn't even look at it... But I picked up another sample can that shows promise! I'll keep you posted!

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Joyce said...

What a difference. So much nicer.

ellen b. said...

I like the new look. Oh it's so nice that we can paint...

Cass @ That Old House said...

Isn't paint amazing? So many possibilities, so little time....

Love the pink doors; keep experimenting till you find that perfect pink that makes your heart glad!


susan said...

The dining room looks great. I am in the middle of a paint job that seems to get bigger by the day! Love that pink door too! It's HAPPY!

abeachcottage said...

wow the new look is so nice, love the furniture too!

paint sure is just amazing isn't it

thanks for popping by my blog, I loved to read about your wedding, it's been lovely reading all the different things people have done

happy days


Susie Q said...

Dump a pint of white in that can of pink that you already used on the door and see if that works. The paint for my youngest daughter's room started out a pepto bismol pink so I added white until it was good!