Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Kitchen Harware Saga

Finally has come to an end!!

After trying many, many options, I've finally found knobs for the kitchen cabinets that I adore, and Hubby can stand to look at!

And why a fleur-de-lis didn't occur to me sooner, what with the swirly french-y trivet and chandelier I've put in there:

I don't know. But I think they're a good solution because up close they're glamorous and a little fancy:

But from a distance they don't catch your eye in any particular way.

So, PHEW! THAT, at least, is finally sorted out!
I even found pulls, on sale, that matched the knobs quite well.

Ok, I have a confession.
It's not actually completely sorted out. Because, well, apparently I can't count to 3.
Three is the number of drawers I have.
And TWO is the number of pulls I purchased... (what can I say, it was a very small drawer between the oven and the fridge, so easy to overlook!)

BUT after one quick trip to Lowes (which is where I purchased these knobs), the kitchen hardware will be done!!

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