Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Wet

It has been raining here, as it has been all over New England, for about three weeks now with just a few breaks. It looked like this afternoon was going to be another of those breaks, so I decided to put on my walking shoes and get a little exercise.
What an optimist I am!

A very, very wet optimist!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magazine Self-Preservation

Today I got my House Beautiful in the mail and was briefly confused about what the cover was all about:

This wasn't a typical House Beautiful cover- where are all the pretty things? And the article titles? What the heck was going on?
Then I took a close look and noticed up at the top:

See that up a the top there? Advertisement. The whole darn cover is a Lowes advertisement!
And then I realized it isn't just the front!

The entire magazine had a wrap around advertisement! At first I was a little upset- I keep my decor magazines right out on my coffee table because they look so pretty! But a Lowes advert? Not exactly the sort of thing I'm dying to look at on a daily basis...
But then I realized that under the ad was a normal cover:

Pretty enough to display for sure! Phew!
Well, that changes things in my opinion. As long as the regular magazine is inside, who cares what it's wrapped in? (assuming it's the normal sort of ad that would go in the magazine!) I assume they were able to charge more for a cover ad than an interior spot, and why not let giants like Lowes help sustain shelter magazines in a time when they are closing left and right? AND, in addition to the wrap around, they were able to have the usual back cover ad, too!

Hopefully all the extra income will help keep wonderful magazines like House Beautiful around for years to come!