Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fantasy Coffee Table

I love this coffee table from Plantation Design:
But at $1795.00, that's SO not going to happen! I love the thin gold edge, I love the mirror (or is it glass?) top, and I love the two tiny tables hiding under it to pull out when company comes. Adorable. And versatile. Love love.

So I'm kicking myself because Pier One had a VERY similar coffee table back in the late fall/early winter that went on sale for like $150 just before Christmas. Instead of having two little tables under it it had two semi-circles at either end of the rectangular table that pulled away. And now it's gone. Gone gone gone...

After I got back from... did I go somewhere just after Christmas? Oh dear, memory failure... anyway, shortly after Christmas I realized that the peacock blue living room had to go, and when I began working on the redesign I figured out that my current coffee table (while near and dear to my heart) wasn't going to cut it, and that the one I had seen at Pier One would be ideal. But when I went online to find out who had it in stock, it had disappeared. Sad sad me.

So now the question is, what does Pier One do with their items that don't sell out? Should I keep hoping to find it at Homegoods one day? Is there an auction? A warehouse somewhere guarded by a person I could bribe with delicious cookies? (which I'll have to ask my sister to make because I really, really don't bake!)

Does anyone know??! Or where I can find a similar table for under $200ish?

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