Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everyday Glamour: Glasses

As readers of my blog may have noticed, I love anything sparkly. And the drinking glasses I had registered for and received back at my wedding (3+ years ago) while pretty and serviceable they were never sparkly or glamorous, and were actually beginning to peel!

The lovely blue color was apparently NOT blue glass, but clear glass with a fine blue film over it. A film that after 3 years of going in the dishwasher had had enough and was leaving. They looked leprous. Not attractive.

(CAVEAT: These particular glasses were from Pier One, but this also happened with some amber colored glasses from Anthropologie.)

So! In advance of setting my first ever official holiday table, I decided to treat myself to some new beautiful drinking glasses!

I chose these double old fashioneds by Cristal d'Arques Longchamps at Macy's. They look so elegant, and the price is unbeatable! (currently $16.99/set of four, but they periodically go down to $9.99, which is what I paid!) AND they're dishwasher safe, to boot.

The only problem with them is that while they look fab with my formal china, I sometimes like to set a fun, ethnic, colorful table with my everyday china, and these don't quite fit the bill.

That's my fine china on the left (Madeleine by Noritake) and everyday on the right (a few years ago from Pier One).

Fortunately, my brother got me some great colorful glasses from Pier One as a Christmas gift!

Perfect, aren't they? A little sparkly, but all the right colors to match my plates! (and if you adore them and want to get your own, you may be lucky enough to find some still on the sale rack for about $.90 apiece!)

Now, I do suspect that these glasses will have the same problem my others did (the website said they are dishwasher safe, but they are marked hand wash only), so I will be washing them by hand. Which means that the fancy crystal ones have become my new everyday glasses!

Which really works for me, because they even look pretty sitting there dirty on my end table...

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