Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Idly and the Anti-Idly

Hubby and I made our first attempt at idly making the other day. We were having some friends over for dinner, one was a vegetarian, and the other was unable to eat dairy, which meant that I couldn't cook (everything I know how to cook has either lamb, pancetta, cheese, or all three!) And we thought a simple idly and dosa dinner would be easy enough.

Boy were we wrong! Actually, the dosa and idly prep itself was not too difficult, but we kinda underestimated what was involved in all the side dishes! But we (and by we, I mean Hubby) got it done and finally it was time to cook the idly. And I have to say, most of them came out quite well!

Looks like idly, right? Tasted like them, too!

But something went wrong somewhere in the middle of the pot:

Hence, the Anti-Idly... ha ha!

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