Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mirrored Indulgence

I have long coveted mirrored furniture. I have a thing for mirrors in general (whether because they are intrinsically sparkly, shiny surfaces or because I am overly vain, I'm not sure...) and I love interesting furniture, so mirrored accent furniture is the perfect melding of the two! Unfortunately, mirrored furniture is SO popular right now that it's still rather pricey, and no one is selling it on Craig's list, so I took a watchful waiting stance.

And boy did it pay off!

I really wanted a piece with a drawer to put by my front door so Hubby would have a place to drop keys and wallet when he comes home. And guess what I found buried in the bathroom department at HomeGoods the other day?

It's remarkable how difficult it is to get a good picture of that thing!

So I found it buried behind some hampers stacked in the bathroom department marked $139.99, which is more that I had to spend. But the knob on the door was completely missing and you couldn't pry the door open.


BECAUSE HomeGoods is super at marking down damaged goods. Sometimes it's a standard 10%, but sometimes they surprise you, so it's always good to ask!
So I did.
They, too, tried unsuccessfully to pry the door open. When they failed they moved directly to the markdown machine where they noticed that not only was the piece "damaged", but it was dated from October and was due for a couple rounds of post-Christmas markdowns! The first markdown-round brought it down to $94, which was great. But they kept going and the price ended up at $67!
And that's exactly why it's now in my home.

A screw in the empty pull on the door got the door open in a jiff. I popped on a little crystal knob, and now it's perfect!

Except... I've discovered that I need to be a little more careful about where I stash my clutter. Can you see my workout DVD collection reflected in the drawer there?
Well, they really needed a new home anyway...

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