Thursday, March 26, 2009

Speaking of Flowers

Hubby brought home a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers for me at the beginning of the week:

They are Ranunculus. I've never known about Ranunculus, but they might just be my new favorite flower!

When the bud first opens they look a little like a poppy. When they are fully in bloom they look like a rose, but they last FOREVER! I've had this bunch for a week, and they look as fresh as they day I put them in the vase!

I did a little research and it turns out that they will grow up here in New England. So when I saw a bag of bulbs at the Christmas Tree Shop for $3.99, I bought it! Just a couple more weeks and the ground should be soft enough to start digging the beds!

Trader Joe's had some beautiful Peach Blossoms that I couldn't resist:

And I don't think I'll be growing peach trees in my yard anytime soon, but they do look pretty in the living room!

And I finally have something to put in that vase I picked up at Home Goods last month!

Another great find in the clearance aisle!

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