Monday, March 16, 2009

60 Degrees of Bliss

We here in Massachusetts finally had a beautiful weekend: two blissful days of 55-60 degree weather. So this is where I spent 1:00- 2:30 on Sunday:

A sunny spot on the porch (and the hat to protect my white, white nose from said sun), a nice cup of coffee, a magazine, and a borrowed dog (Nellie was with us for the week)... that's how a weekend should be!

The cats fairly evenly split their weekend between this:

And this:
"So okay," you may be saying, "You say you had a whole beautiful weekend and you only spent an hour and a half on the porch?"

Well, this is where I was the rest of the weekend:

In the garage painting and polyurethaning the stairwell banister.

In the kitchen, testing out more new knobs. (This one was a no.)

On the other side of the kitchen finally getting the iron trivet up on the wall.
Do you see how I cleverly avoided visible screws or hooks by using double-ended screws and fronting them with knobs?

Lions, no less! I couldn't convince Hubby to let me put these on the cabinets, but he agreed to just these two on the wall.
The trivet weighs between 15 and 20 lbs, so I had to anchor those screws really well!

I also found time to give Hubby one of the worst haircuts I've possibly ever done, which I won't put up a picture of... completely lopsided...

But the real time-consuming activity of the weekend was this:

Which is a whole other very exciting story!

One that I will tell you another day...

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