Thursday, March 5, 2009

Flower Show vs. Patio Show

There is a difference between a flower show and a patio show, and someone really ought to explain that to the organizers of the Central MA Flower and Patio Show! We were all really hoping for a mini-vacation in the form of some great hot-house flowers for sale and inspiring garden layouts. What we got was about ten companies selling patios, fencing and waterfalls, one person selling bulbs and lovely hand-made pottery, and about 75 other people selling things like windows, brooms, and Verizon Fios...
A little disappointing!
BUT! There was one gentleman there selling beautiful metal home and garden accents where I couldn't help but buy a couple things.

This ENORMOUS white iron trivet is one.

For the moment it is on the kitchen table, but once I find strong enough mounting hardware I would like to put it on the wall above the table (Jack the camel will move to the dining room) in a way that I can still take it down and use it as a trivet.

I also picked up an adorable woodpecker door knocker:

There's actually a window right in the middle of both of our doors, so I might end up mounting this guy decoratively on the door frame instead. But I figure that's fine since really, who ever uses a door knocker when there's a door bell anyway?

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