Friday, July 31, 2009

A White Compulsion

Hubby and I have been hard at work getting the downstairs guest bed ready for his parents' arrival on the 10th. Theirs is the room that was left with the gaping hole in the ceiling (which Hubby is here busily stuffing with insulation):

as a result of the great window sill fiasco of last fall. I'll share that project when it's a bit more completed.

In meantime, the fact that we're finally finishing the ceiling means that I will finally be able to paint and properly decorate that room. Which sent me into a bit of a furniture painting tizzy.
First I thought I'd just slap a little white paint on this old dresser:
Which had this dark brown finish on it before I took the power sander to it:

Besides I figured this would be a good test subject before trying anything on the mahogany monsters in the master bedroom!
So I sanded and primed, and decided I liked the super-matte finish of the primer, so instead of switching to paint I added a little water to the primer and kept going with that!
Once I had the dresser drying I thought, "Well, if I'm doing the dresser I ought to paint that unfinished wood bookcase while I'm at it..." and then a bit later, "And that old nightstand in the basement... We'll need a nightstand in there..."

Next thing I knew there was a trail of white painted furniture running through my garage from one door to the other!

Well, I love how it looks in there... brightens things up nicely, I think. Hopefully it'll look this good in the actual room!

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