Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brimfield 2: July 2009

Last week it was off to Brimfield again for another day of sun, dust, and antiques! As I headed off I thought to myself "I must remember to take more pictures this time for my blog!"

Oh what a failure I am!

I did get one shot of the garden section, since garden sculptures were on my shopping list.

Though I didn't find anything that quite fit what I wanted. At least not there. I did bring home some really lovely white painted iron... portraits?

Wall hangings?

I'm not sure what to call them! But they are a pair of lovely ladies dolled up in a sort of Victorian meets Art Deco style. (I'm sure if I pulled out my period costume books I could pinpoint it a bit better, but that combination describes them well enough!)

They are a facing pair, which I thought might work on either side of the dining room door.

I would like to make that wall symmetrical (the table normally runs down the center of the room, this was moved for a party!) But I think I need a bit more color on that wall than the ladies provide.
I admit that I suspected before I bought them that they wouldn't suit that spot, but I figured I could find someplace in my home for two such charming gals!

Check back to see where they end up!

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