Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vegetable Seduction

You know, sometimes I'm mystified by the things that advertisers feel the need to label as "low fat". Like a water bottle once. Really? Are there people out there that don't know that already? I'm guessing it didn't help sales much because I only saw it that one time.

I had to laugh, though, the other day when I noticed a new label on my bananas. (I took a picture, but I'm afraid I deleted it.) The label looked just like the Chiquita label, except it said, "Peel Me, I'm Low Fat"!
I couldn't help myself. I peeled that label right off those bananas and stuck it on my own forehead. I walked over to Hubby and gave him one of those deep, soap-opera-worthy seductive looks.
He, quite appropriately, burst out laughing.

You've got to appreciate those absurd little things sometimes, you know?

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