Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sail Boston: Tall Ships Festival

I was pleased as punch this past weekend when the stars aligned to allow Hubby a free weekend day, the sun to shine and an event to happen all at the same time!

It took only a little convincing to get Hubby to agree to a day in Boston with the Tall Ships instead of a day on the lake with our own little boat, so I grabbed my hat and off we went!

Many of the ships were open to tour, but the lines were incredibly long and the sun very strong!

So we opted to view them from the boardwalk in the relative shade!

The Harbor was strewn with flag covered ships from the pier at the aquarium down to the Convention Center, and across the harbor in Charlestown.

I was a wonderful walk FULL of people! The crowd started thinning out down around the ICA, though!

Which is just about where we tired out, too!

Hubby's brother had to take off early to bike back to Newton, so Hubby and I had dinner with a friend over in Charlestown.

Dinner on the deck at Tavern on the Water...

Sipping Mount Gay and Tonics while watching the sun set over the Boston skyline...

It was just like old times! And a wonderful way to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of the real summer weather!

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