Thursday, July 30, 2009

The New Kitty

I couldn't resist.
He was calling to me.
So I brought him home!

All right, I confess that it wasn't as spontaneous as all that. I'd seen him months ago in Target and wanted him, but I HATE paying full price! (Even though he was quite reasonable at $35.99) But then, two weeks ago, I saw him with a red tag! $24.99 was all that much of a markdown, but it was good enough for me!
I brought him home planning to put him out front, but with all the rain I was afraid he'd wash away! So he's spent the last two weeks in my bedroom.

But we've had four days this week with more sunshine than rain (still rain, but less...) so I figured I'd risk putting him out.

Isn't he just darling?

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