Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Invitation to a Door

One of the projects that I really wanted to get done in advance of the Derby party was a walkway to the front door. No one ever uses our front door because the only way to access it was to tromp across the lawn:

while the side door has a lovely (though somewhat pitted) little path up to it.

And while I don't mind people using the side door in the least, I thought it would be nice for visitors to have the option of entering via my lovely new pink living room, where the coat closet happens to be!

So last weekend Hubby and I headed over to Home Depot and picked up landscaping fabric, a rock rake, and 40 bags of small quartz stones. Since the only car we own is the Passat, we rented the Home Depot truck to get it home, and let me tell you that that was just about the best $20 we've ever spent! The side of the truck dropped down, so we just pulled right into the driveway and stood in the bed to chuck the bags right next to where we were putting the walkway!

I figured there was some hard work ahead of us, but we just needed to get the turf up, not really dig, so how hard could that be?



I think digging a hole would have been easier than trying to get the grass up evenly!
But I'm getting ahead of myself...
We started digging:

and tried to get the sod up enough that we could replant it in some of the (many many) bare patches around the lawn.
Despite our having really just thrown it down there it's now actually growing in pretty nicely.

Digging took us about four hours!

Hubby was all for calling it a day when the digging was done, but I was having none of that! The hard part was over, and we were going to finish that walkway before nightfall!

So... we laid out the landscaping fabric and started spreading the rock. I forgot to buy ground staples to hold the fabric down, so we anchored it with stones and poured the rock on as fast as we could!

There I am in my super-chic yard-working outfit...
Since I was the one all gung-ho to the work done, I was in charge of spreading the rock while Hubby was in charge of the camera!
But that was ok with me since it was kind of my idea in the first place! And sure enough just as the sun was dipping down below the trees,
the walkway was complete!!


And you know what? The very next day TWO people (the FEDEX guy, and another guy trying to sell me a lawn...) used my front door!

Well, that's the walkway! Check back to see what I've been up to with the garden!
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Michelle said...

WOW...the transformation is amazing! Makes your house so much more welcoming with a front walk. And it nice that you curved it too!

Great job, it looks wonderful!

Fifi Flowers said...

Great transformation... looks nice and easy! Beautiful area you live in!

Christi said...

Hooray, people are using your front door. Great job!

Christi @ A Southern Life

susan said...

i know that was back breaking work, but what a difference it makes! You even got lights up! Great job. I know you'll be glad you did this!

marty39 said...

I love the walkway. It just invites you into the house so beautifully. Such a great addition to your home. Great curb appeal also. Hugs, Marty

Marie Reed said...

Wow! It looks just beautiful! I would much rather have people use my front door! The front parlour is the only one that I make sure is tidy:)

Sarah said...

I think that looks amazing! Great job!

Kammy said...

I love the new path ! I bet you are already loving it - although ya know "backdoor guests are liked the best !" now you will be able to tell, LOL ! Thanks for sharing
Hugs ~ Kammy

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

The walkway is much more welcoming. I love how it turned out. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. It really means alot to me. The funnest part about blogging is that we get so many wonderful ideas from blogland. The turning a silver tray into a chalkboard idea is not mine, I'm borrowing it from someone else (can't remember who though).