Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Garden Part 2: The Inheritance

Probably the only nice thing about my mother deciding to pick up her life and move across the country is that I got to raid her garden before she sold her house.

The collection started to fill in the gaping open spaces in my garden quite nicely.

Right by the door I planted the day lilies (not sure of the color), Turks Cap lilies, Lemon Bee Balm, and another fuzzy-leaved as-of-yet unidentified plant.

Following the path just in front of that I planted the Stella D'Oro lilies (those have buds now!), and Ladies Mantle which was a little unhappy with that much sun and relocated a few days ago.

And in front of that went something that looks to me like a Geranium, and a miniature Iris.

On the other side I added the chives and a couple more mystery Asiatic lilies, as well as bulbs for Dinner Plate Dahlias and some other cutting annual that I've forgotten the name of...

And some more lilies on the other side of that little penninsula.

Out in front the Silver Mound I transplanted from a pot when we moved in last summer is very happy, as well as the yellow Daisy thing I picked up at Lowe's last summer. On the right is yet another mystery Lilly from Mom, and on the left the Creeping Phlox and Miss Pinky from Home Depot about a month ago. In the back there is a Rose of Sharon trying to decide whether it likes the ground quite as much as it liked the plastic bag it lived in on my window sill for two months.

In front of the Yew are more Lilies, Irises flanking the door, and a little mysterious, rather bug-eaten something by the stepping stones.

The large Iris is in full bloom now and seems perfectly content in its new home.

And finally on the other side of the front door is one final set of Day and Asiatic Lilies. This is also the spot where the Ladies Mantle has ended up.

And the Peonies! Their buds are growing larger, and larger, and LARGER, and not one has bloomed yet. I think I will burst with impatience before they do!!

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