Friday, May 29, 2009


This year I made my first shopping trip to Brimfield. I had been before as a broke apartment dweller, with neither the means nor intention of actually purchasing anything, which while still entertaining, is not nearly so engaging as going with an eye to buy.

I went with my step mom and aunt on Friday, and the weather turned out BEAUTIFULLY. One field was surrounded by lilacs in full bloom, their fragrance pervading through every tent on the site. Another was continually showered with Dandelion seeds.

We wandered around for about 6 hours, at which time the vendors started packing up and leaving.
My aunt briefly considered purchasing this zebra as a graduation gift for her son's school:

But she eventually decided a kayak or canoe would be a more useful gift.

I, however, did not shy away from a couple oversized and somewhat frivolous purchases. The first was a large four-paneled Japanese painting on silk.

Which I hemmed and hawed over for quite awhile. I wasn't sure whether the background color would work with the house or not, but the pink flowers and highlights throughout gave me hope.
The second piece that caught my eye was the large porcelain elephant in the foreground there. I LOVED him. But he was marked $140, and the painting was marked $85, and I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to spend my entire days budget on my first stop!
BUT when the vendor offered both pieces to me for a total of $160, I couldn't refuse!

So now:

My elephant resides on the sun porch as an end table.
Isn't he wonderful?

How could you not love a face like this?

And the painting is currently in the living room, shimmering and reflecting the light from the big triple window.

Though it darkens the room a bit more than I like in the summer, so I think it will live elsewhere until maybe October and then move back in here.
The lower left corner of the painting seems to be signed:

Can anyone read the script?

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