Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Missing Weekend and the Maiden Voyage

This past weekend was a total loss for me. I spent all three days helping my mother pack her house up into a POD for her move out to Arkansas. I knew I had to help, and she's helped with about 5 moves I've made, so that was ok with me. But this being one of the first nice weekends of "summer", Hubby was being a little petulant about working through the whole weekend. So I told him he didn't have to. As long as he put in a few hours at the beginning or the end of the weekend, he could have the rest off.
So Saturday morning he dropped me off at Mom's, about 9:00 that night he picked me up and I came home to find:

A bridge!
After dropping me off he had come home to meet up with a friend/neighbor, and built a bridge across our stream.
Seriously, in one day, completely without me, he built a bridge! (that "without me" part isn't that I thought he would NEED me, but that we'd been talking about doing it for awhile, and it IS my house too...)
It's a very nice bridge...

And built almost exactly like I would have chosen, but (not to sound petulant here), I would have liked to be involved! I love pointing to stuff around our house and saying "Yep, we did that!" All I can say about the bridge is, "I wasn't here." Bah, stupid packing...

Again on Sunday morning he dropped me off at Mom's to continue packing and hauling, and came home. No, he didn't build anything- he took the sailboat out for her maiden voyage!

I have to confess that I actually encouraged him to take one of his buddies instead of me for the first trip out. I have absolutely no experience on this kind of boat (the kind that occasionally dumps you in the water), and preferred to have him figure out how it works (and how tippy it is) with someone else as balust!
Turns out she's as wonderful as he hoped! There was very little wind, and she sailed right along.
And for the tippiness, it's not nearly as bad as I feared! He reports that it never so much as threatened to go over, even when they climbed in and out.
So all is good there!
But, you know, I would have liked to be there to watch... darn packing!

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