Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bombay Part 2

Here are the last of the pictures from our trip to India! These are all from Bombay (Mumbai).

We stumbled upon Yazdani Bakery when we decided to be a bit adventurous and take some unknown backroads over to our cousin's office and risk getting lost. (Consequently, I can't begin to tell you where it is, except that it's within walking distance of Churchgate, but Google can!) But boy am I glad we did, this place was fantastic! We started with a couple of mini-muffins and a bag of shortbread cookies, but immediately went back in for some cake and bread to take back home with us!

I love how these signs look like they could be absolutely anywhere in the US or Europe, but here they were in a back alley of Bombay! Fresh apple pie and cinnamon buns? Who would have guessed?!

Here are a bunch of street scenes from around our neighborhood (Mahim.):

Loved the color of these doors.

Chaat-walla. Best. Stuff. Ever.

View from overpass near Chowpatty.

Furniture delivery Indian style!

Cool guy on a motorcycle and a street dog, hanging out together.

Ubiquitous cow.

A cat and a laundry line, how could I resist?

There's a whole series of these!

New entrance being made for Shivaji Park.

Shivaji Park workout.

More pick-up games of cricket! Notice all that construction? (Shivaji Park)

Great colors! Dog on a wall and lady in sari.

Hubby and his Mom with fun wall mural at the new BCA (Bombay Cricket Association.)

Me and Mummy at the other end of the mural. (I'm in love with that outfit!)

And of course I had to have mehendi done before I left!

I had a cone to take home as well, so I did another design myself that I'll show you later.

This was one of my favorite shots of the whole trip, it's at a little beach behind Hinduja Hospital.

We went there to see the new bridge from a distance (it was still under construction when we were there last), can you see it there? Neither could we, darn fog!

And finally, there's me, looking a bit like I was green screened in!

Ok, so that's the end of the pictures from the trip, but I'm not done with the India theme yet! I'll show ya'll the textile kick I went on while I was there (I brought back two suitcases full!) I also want to share some of the images from the Indian versions of home decor magazines, it's really cool how they mix the traditional Indian designs with what's happening in International design trends!

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Love the pictures! I want to get over there some day!