Thursday, March 10, 2011

India, Bangalore Quick trip

Ok, so (finally!), here are my pictures from our quick trip down to Bangalore. We stayed at the Cross Roads Inn, which I can't say enough about. I've stayed in some horror-story places on previous trips there, and it looks like largely hotels are either super-cheap "local" style hotels, or very expensive international chains catering (and charging for) business travelers, with very little in the mid-range. This hotel PERFECTLY filled that niche! Under $100 (US) a night we had a very nice AC room, clean bath with western toilet and 24 hour hot water (that's not always the case in India, so ask!), and even the extras like tv, closet space, mini fridge, cheap room service, and buffet breakfast included! The bed was Indian style (read hard-as-a-rock), but that's what I sleep on at my in-law's place, so it wasn't a problem for me. Anyway, if you're going to be in Bangalore, I recommend the Cross Roads Inn for accommodations.

I forgot to take pictures of the hotel itself, but here are some street scenes from nearby:

A wall of advertisements.

A pickup game of cricket (always a good picture!)

Love the colors!

Construction site, very low-tech.

A good spot for a nap, school kids in background.

South India has their own movies, separate from Bollywood, and they're known for being even more melodramatic!

I couldn't manage to hold my camera steady, but it tickled me to see Au Bon Pain translated into the local script!

The next day we went to do a little Indian style shopping around Commercial Street:

Always crowded!

The view from the coffee shop.

The cricket world cup was going on while we were there, so anytime you saw an enthralled group of men, you just had to look for the TV!

Oh, this is what I wanted Hubby to wear for our wedding! We compromised with western pants, a shorter jacket with a little embroidery around the collar and a red vest. (Someday I'll get him in one of these, I'm determined!!)

I loved how they sell things on bikes. My favorite is eggs, but I've never managed to get a decent picture of that!

Stopping for a little fruit along the way...

Lastly, and most randomly, a cool design on the wall of the mall!

I've got a few more shots of our last three days in Bombay, which I'll post soon, and then I'll show you some of the cool stuff I got on all those shopping trips!
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