Tuesday, March 1, 2011

India 2011: Part 1

Hello Everyone!
I know, it's been a terribly long time since I've posted... I'll return your money, how's that? Happier now? Good. Moving onto cheerier things, I've just returned from my first trip to India since we bought the house! We had gone for 4 years in a row, and the last trip was in winter of 2008, and I was missing it, so it was really nice to get back there! I didn't take nearly as many pics as I usually do since our trip was pretty short (about a week and a half actually there,) and we were mostly just visiting family, but I did get a few fun shots anyway.
Actually, quite a few (200!), so here are the photographic highlights from the first half of our time in Bombay:

Mobile veg stand, Mumbai

Famous tiffin (lunchbox) delivery, Churchgate Station Mumbai

Napping inside Churchgate Station

Need a toilet? This one's convenient... Mumbai near Fountainhead

Umm... courthouse? I don't remember- British Colonial architecture.

Hubby on a Valentine's Day sail in Mumbai Harbor

Me and a Mumbai fishing boat.

The fishing boats returning as the sun sets over Mumbai.

Me, stopping for coffee and a quick-change at the Taj Hotel (which is looking as grand as ever!)

Now that's what I call a flower arrangement! Taj, Mumbai.

Locally famous street restaurant, I'm not allowed to eat there... Mumbai, behind Taj.

McDonald's delivers! Mumbai.

Tata Nagar, near Dharavi, where the tailor lives.

Great old lady and graffiti, Tata Nagar.

Super shiny office complex directly across the street from Tata Nagar.

Napping in trucks...

I liked these two because they looked like something out of a Bollywood movie, they've got the tree and all!

Living where you work, scrap recyclers.

Street scenes, Dharavi.

Street scene, Mahim (where my in-laws' place is.)

Classic truck shot, "Horn OK Please!"

Love it... tune in later this week for the shots from the jaunt down to Bangalore, and then for the last few days in Bombay!
Meanwhile, if you're curious about what Bombay is like, check out this ad put out by the Times of India for a photography contest (incidentally, I love the whole ad campaign for this competition, but I could never get pictures of the billboards because the taxi was always moving too fast!) But that video kind of encapsulates what Bombay is, in my head anyway.