Friday, April 15, 2011

Elle Decor: India

Finally, as promised (awhile ago!) I scanned in some of the images from the decor mags I picked up while I was in India. I really enjoyed seeing how the designs featured were similar, and how they were different. Without further ado, I'll let you see it for yourself:

This first group is from the home of a couple of artists in Germany, and I LOVE how creative it is!

Incredible wall treatment, makes you almost miss the boat full of tiffins below :).

I also love how many ideas in this story you can totally copy for yourself!

Now that's a ceiling- in their kitchen, of all places!

A twist on the antique portrait...

Her painting studio.

The magazine gives ideas of how to get the look for yourself- notice the boat there, and you just see the edge of a tiffin to the right of it!

Most of the rest are just shots here and there of things I thought were cool:

I love the patina on the items in this little shopping section.

Now this page was one of my favorite. BECAUSE... I totally bought that clock in the upper right hand corner in a tiny little non-shop down in Bangalore for about $20, and here in the magazine it shows it selling for $75!! (It's a double sided railway-style hanging clock, which I'll most likely take a picture of and share... like... a year from now...) SCORE!

Love the pops of hot pink and the painting of the truck that give it a sense of place.

Same here with a fairly minimal interior and then that incredible photo!

Stunning entryway!

Holy bathroom!

And just for contrast... actually I stayed in an Eco-hotel in South India that had an open bathroom with a tree growing in it like this. (This picture is of one in Thailand.) It was kind of cool, and kind of creepy- I couldn't help but think about massive spiders crawling into the toilet!

Some over-the-top Mughal style opulence.

And then on the other end of the spectrum, some rustic for those of us that prefer that!

Some very cool stuff at unbelievable prices- wish I'd read this before I left India! Well, new outings for next trip :).

And of course because it's Elle they featured some local decor events.

And finally, some crafting! Some fun ideas what to do with fabric scraps. (I kind of love that pillow.)

Ok, I scanned in images from two other magazines, but I'll save those for another day!


Mom said...

What are those light fixtures that look like top hats hanging in "her painting studio" and "twist on antique portrait"? As always I go for the light fixtures.

Madame Meg said...

If you click on the picture (twice) you can blow them up to larger than magazine size and see the fixtures better- they're lamp shades on cord kits with an upside down parasol to cover the bare bulb. And my "twist on antique portrait" I meant that instead of a painting of a somber looking man on a dark background to add a little funk, they took someone's random Korean (Vietnamese?) wedding photo, blew it up and gussied it up with paint and paper and hung it over their daybed.