Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Easy Curtain De-Wrinkling

I don't know about all of you, but most of the summer curtains around my house are super lightweight cotton or linen. And apparently when I "stored" my bedroom curtains last fall I simply balled them up and shoved them in an Ann Taylor bag! Which means that they were just a little wrinkly!

But I really didn't feel like spending the day hunched over the ironing board, so I got to thinking. I remembered reading (I think on Martha Stewart) that an easy way to "iron" a table cloth was to lay it out on the table, spritz it with water and let it hang dry right on the table. I also remember trying that and realizing that it just wasn't going to happen on my table. By the time my cloth got damp enough to de-wrinkle, I was getting concerned about the finish on my table.

"But" I thought to myself, "But these curtains are awfully thin... perhaps that would work on them!"

So I grabbed a bottle of linen spray (I'm sure water would work just fine, but why not fragrance the room while I'm at it?)

(This bottle came from HomeGoods for about $4.00.) And I got to spritzing!

Here's a side by side, the one on the left has already been sprayed but not the one on the right:

It's really hard to see straight on! But here's a side-shot of the one on the right after it got the spray treatment:

Vs Before:

Not bad for a few minutes and a minor hand cramp, huh? WAY better than the time it would have taken to iron 4 84" long curtains. I love shortcuts!

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