Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning the Chandelier

It's true, most of the time I LOVE my chandelier! The sun setting through the french doors sends such pretty prisms all over the kitchen.

(Pardon the shade party going on up there, I'm trying to decide what I want for the warm weather shades!)

But, oh, about 4 times a year, I need to climb up there and clean the darned thing! All those shiny crystals get grimy from the cooking and the cat hair. Dust and dead bugs collect in the little leaves, all the usual stuff. Plus random cooking grease.

One good thing about doing it every few months rather than once a year is that I can clean the crystals with a damp cloth so I don't have to take every single one down to soak! So I use one damp lint free cloth, and one dry one to give it a good wipe down.

And after I'm done, (well, immediately afterward I scrub all the bug bits off the table below, but after that...) I do get quite a nice feeling of satisfaction at how much sparklier it looks!

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