Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hollow Door Hallway

I mentioned a few posts back that I was working on something here:

As you may imagine, I'm finally painting those awful hollow core doors!

I had painted the one at the end of the hall last year when we redid that room. I hadn't bothered with the others because I figured we'd just replace them with nicer doors. But here we are two years into owning the place and we haven't gotten around to it yet! (That many doors and sets of hardware add up!)

With things brightening up with spring, the persistent darkness in that hallway was driving me nuts! Even with all the doors open, they just seemed to eat the light. So:

I painted them! And the trim (oh how I hate sanding! But if it has to be done...)

So much better! Although now the knobs all look so shabby. I'm thinking I'll get some brushed bronze spray paint and paint them to match the knobs on the kitchen cabinets.

(Which, incidentally, are very near the top of the "large project" list!) (The cabinets, I mean, not the knobs...)

The only bad thing about how bright the hallway is now is that I never noticed how BADLY I painted this part of the wall before:

And now everyone can see! Oops!


Anna said...

Wow, painting the doors really did brighten everything up. Just in time for spring. :-)

Drothy said...

What about replacing those old door knobs with antique ones. I think you have some from my yard sale. They may slide right into the old mechanics.