Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Powerwashing the Deck

In a desperate attempt to avoid being suckered into raking the back yard (have I mentioned how awful it looks back there? No? I must be trying to avoid thinking about it...) Hubby showed up on Saturday morning with a power washer and a determination to wash the deck.

Which, to be honest, needed it. This photo is from the freak hail storm we had last July, over this winter that green moldy spot under the table had gained quite a bit of ground! So while I would have preferred leaf removal to deck cleaning, I figured it would be good to be rid of the green slime. It was a little slippery...
I had NO IDEA what a difference the power washer would make! Hubby did a quick test patch and I immediately grabbed the camera:

Do you see that?! That beautiful brown spot next to him, amidst the sea of grey? That's what the power washer does!

To the whole deck!

It takes awhile (there's a reason they rent it in 4 hour increments!)

But, WOW, what a difference! It looks like wood again! As you might imagine, we immediately ran back out and got some Thomspon's Water Seal to add a layer of protection against future mold. Unfortunately, with so much rain in the forecast we were advised against doing it today, but it's on standby for the next sunny 48 hour stretch!
Yay for pretty decks!

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Laurrie said...

I'm enjoying wandering around your posts to see what you've been accomplishing in the garden and house... isn't it enjoyable after all those years working! You popped up in comments on my blog, and I'm glad to find you -- a "local" gardener here in New England!