Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dining Room has a Floor!

I am pleased to announce that our dining room now has a proper floor!

Remember this?

Well, there's no more visible plywood now!

Hubby and I decided to save some money and install it ourselves.

Which wasn't difficult really, but the tools involved were very heavy, so we could only work for a couple of hours at a time which meant is took us almost a month to finish!

The nail-gun was awkward on its own, but that mallet you need to hit it with must have weighed about 15 lbs!
I admit there was also a bit of a learning curve on the tools. We realized that it would cost less to purchase a compressor and table saw than it would cost to rent them (the price evened out if we took more than 2 days to finish- thank god we decided to buy them!)

There's Hubby assembling the table saw.

I am also pleased to announce that we finished without a single trip to the emergency room! There were certainly a few bruises and sore backs, but BOY was it worth it!!!


Mullican 3/4 inch HARDWOOD pre-finished in Antique Gunwood with 25 year warranty: $66.72/box on sale at Lowe's (box about 24 sq. ft) 8 boxes= $533.76

Rosin Paper, 1 roll: $12

Putty and Stain repair kit: $9.97

Ryobi Portable 10 inch Table Saw: $99 (Home Depot)

Ryobi Compressor Combo Kit (with nail gun): $129 (Home Depot)

Nail Gun tool rental: About $50/day for 5 days $250

Nails: 2 boxes at $18 = $36

TOTAL: $1069.73

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