Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unexpected Art

There were two bare walls in my pink bathroom that have been bothering me for a bit.
I couldn't quite think what to put in there that would look right both thematically and aesthetically. And then I inherited three square gold picture frames with teapot paintings in them. Well, clearly teapots aren't quite my speed, but the frames were interesting sizes- one about 6 inches square and the other two about 4 inches square. So I decided to frame a few things that don't necessarily belong in a normal person's bathroom.

I filled the larger frame with the cover from a souvenir box of Godiva chocolates from Paris. I thought it was cute, so I'd saved it, and here the colors turned out to be perfect!

The two smaller frames I filled with postcards of miniature paintings I had picked up in India.

Most of the postcards I'd purchased were from the Kama Sutra, so I was happy to see that I had two that were not so... explicit!

The larger frame nicely filled the empty spot on the wall next to my medicine cabinet, and I stacked the other two kitty-corner to that in the slim spot next to the door.

They make me grin every time I walk into my bathroom now!

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