Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Sailboat Baby is Here!

Our brand new (to us) Olympic class 470 sail boat!

Doesn't Haris look so happy? He's posing there with the spinnaker pole. The guy who dropped it off showed us how to rig it up. Here's a shot of it with the jib up:

Look at the size of that thing! The mast is something like 26 feet long (you can't see the top of it in these pictures,) and with the 15.5 foot long hull, this thing is going to move! We didn't raise the main sail in the driveway because it was way too windy, and the boom was within swinging distance of the Volvo's rear window, and though eager we were, we thought cracking his window would be a poor way to repay the guy for driving the boat all the way up from Rhode Island.

Haris has told me that instead of jewelry this year for Valentine's Day I'll be getting a wetsuit and sailing gloves! Check out this video of the pros sailing some 470's (in much heavier winds than we'll be sailing in, I hope!) and you'll see why!

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