Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretties from the Garden

Some garden pictures from the last two weeks:

Really cool, structural Iris- what kind is this one, Mom? (it was a transfer from her garden!)

Stella D'Oro Lily, smells wonderful!

A couple varieties of Peonies- the white fragrant ones bloomed last week, and these pink ones are EXPLODING this week! (Do you see the dog peeking out the door?)

I've been cutting them and bringing them in and they're holding up wonderfully!

Fun in this centerpiece I picked up at Brimfield this spring.

And here with another bouquet from the garden with the Siberian Iris, Ladies' Mantle, Liatrus, Lemon Bee Balm, and foliage from the yet-to-bloom Giant Phlox (World Peace, I think.) From here:

And here:

There are a few plants in that picture that I can't remember what they are... specifically that short one at the center top. Anyone know? (picture should get pretty big if you click on it!)

The Blaze Rose isn't looking terribly happy after a mid-spring transplant, but it did give me its first flower! Yay! (Except that all the attention to that area seems to be really encouraging those weeds- I pulled them less than two days ago!)

And the new Hybrid Tea Rose looks pretty happy!

Toby likes all the new mulch...

Happy window boxes on the deck:

We have strawberries!

And, umm, I think we're going to have zucchini...

That thing grows fast! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way!

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Drothy said...

Don't our window boxes look lovely. Sorry but I dont remember what the name of that lovely blue iris is. I have had it for 20 years at least. As for the short plant in the back of the one shot I dont remember what it is. I know and it will come to me at 2:00AM. I will call you with the answer. The plant in the front is dianthus.