Thursday, May 20, 2010

We Got a Puppy DOG!!!!

We are the proud new parents of quite possibly the cutest and sweetest dog on the entire face of the earth!!

Marley (we might change that- how many Marley's are there out there right now?) came from Save A Dog, which is a fabulous organization based in Sudbury, MA. They treat their dogs really well, follow a holistic approach to their health and give them lots of outdoor playtime. The dogs come into the main shelter periodically, but spend most of their time at foster homes all over the state.
We picked Marley up after work tonight. He came into the house and proceeded to spend about an hour sniffing all over the first floor (he's not sure what to do with the stairs yet!) When he'd sniffed to his content he found a comfy spot and flopped down!

I made dinner (hotdogs- we were short on time!) and he came in to investigate, but didn't try to steal anything.
When we sat down on the couch to eat , Marley spent about 20 seconds like this:

Realized he wasn't getting any food, made a quick inspection of the beverages:

And then curled right back up on the rug until we finished eating!

Not bad for 9 months old!
He's a Lab and Great Pyrenees mix, a pretty big guy at 64 pounds!

Definitely looks like a combination of the two! (That spot on his tail is an allergic reaction to Frontline. We'll need to find an alternative to that!)
He did really well on our first walk, not showing any inclination to pull on the leash at all, which is great!

He's sooo puurrrrty...

How could you not love that face? We already do!! : )


Flaviana said...

Oh darling , your Marley looks adorable and very,very sweet ! I'm sure he's a very good dog ! If he's having allergy problems with frontline maybe you can try with Advantix? I hope the name is the same over there!
have a great weekend !

Anna said...

Can we clone him so I can have my very own Marley? He's so adorable. And hey, maybe you don't need a car. You can just put a saddle on him and ride him around!

Mom said...

Those are awfully big feet. How old did they say he was? Does he have his 7 month molars yet? Part shetland pony?