Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Swing Made for Two (or three, if you squish)

Hubby and I got a swing for our back yard last weekend! We have an adorable picture of his parents sitting on a similar swing at our vacation place in Maine:

And when I couldn't find any adirondack chairs that were tall enough for the elder generation to get in and out of, I though this might be the perfect solution! We tested out a couple set up at Lowes, and the North Haven 3 person Swing was pretty darn comfortable! So we waited around about 45 minutes while someone fetched it down and helped load it into the Sportwagon, then drove it home. Then, actually, we stuck it in the garage because it was Monday and we weren't going to have time to put it together until the weekend!

But when the weekend rolled around, we loaded it up onto the wheelbarrow, wheeled it into the back and started the set up!

The instructions said it was supposed to take half an hour to set up.

But after I saw this:

I knew that we were in for a lot longer than half an hour! It ended up taking us a little over an hour, which seems from the comments on the website like it might be a new record! This is where we were at about the 30 minute point, which was a little less than half way finished.

The frame went together perfectly. A couple bolts were a little hard to get in place, but a full-sized wrench did the job. The seat was a different issue since the center joint, which comes connected, wasn't welded exactly in the right place. That bar actually bent every so slightly as we attached the arms and tightened everything down, but that seems the way with all things Lowes (and generally all things mass assembled!)

The only other problem we had putting it together was that the locking mechanism on one side of the canopy doesn't align quite perfectly, with the result that it sits slightly skewed. See that ripple in the top? Not supposed to be there. But I figure if we add a rubber washer to that side then it should sit right!

Even with the imperfections, Hubby says it's pretty comfy! And I've already wasted an hour or two down there with a book on a sunny afternoon!

It's a pretty good spot for lazing away an afternoon!

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