Monday, June 28, 2010

Free DIY Bud Vase

For probably two years now, I've been shopping for a couple of nice bud vases. With my burgeoning garden, I have more opportunities to bring in just one or two little flowers than I do to make a whole bouquet, but for some reason I've been SUPER picky. The last three trips to Brimfield I've been really looking for cute bed vases in crystal, or silver color, or even a pink, green or blue glass. I certainly saw lots, but they were either not the right shape to actually hold a flower (anyone else notice that tulip-shaped vases seemed designed to kill flowers?), or too much money, or I don't know what. So there I was, entering into another cut-flower season, still with no bud vase. Any my new hybrid tea roses were just crying out to be brought in since they were wilting within hours of the sun rising!

And then just the other day, I was cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen when I hit upon some old herbs in jars. Dried herbs in 4 inch tall, thin glass jars... And as I was thinking what a waste to chuck those in the recycling bin, when I thought "ah HA!"
I peeled off those labels, ran out, clipped a few flowers, and stuck them in there!

Sure, if you get up close you can tell what they are. And they certainly aren't what I'd pick out if I were shopping for them...

But for free, I think they're pretty darn cute!

And they really are just right for just one or two blooms on a short stem, which is what I usually have! So now I have a couple of perfectly proportioned vases to hold me over until I find some real ones- maybe at Brimfield in July?

Random other garden news:

I have a zucchini!!

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Drothy said...

The more you pick the more Zucchini you will have so pick often and early.