Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year, A New Carpet, And a Great Big DUH!

Happy New Year everyone!!

So sort of for Christmas (I'm pretending it is a present to me, but really it was just coincidental timing), I got a new rug for the living room!

The carpet we had in there before was an uber-hand-me-down of good quality, but rather worn and SOOO the wrong color! I didn't actually take a picture of it because I thought, "Of course I'll have one somewhere."
Well, these are the best:

I guess the only shots I've taken since the fall were for Christmas!

One thing I hated was that it was so dark that it looked dirty within two hours of vacuuming, as in this shot. (The two extra white dogs running around probably had something to do with that!)

And now:

It's a wool and polypropylene blend. I was wary of buying anything that wasn't 100% wool, but a quick search online showed that the polypropylene blended in there made it much more resistant to staining. And with two cats running around, and the amount of curry we consume here, stain resistant is good!

I love the colors (obviously, I did pick it!) But more than that I love how the striae, speckley pattern seems to keep all kinds of things from showing. As I said, with the old carpet it looked dirty within two hours of a good cleaning, and this one hasn't looked like it needed a vacuum since we put it down four days ago!


Ok, so now onto the DUH...
When I hauled the vacuum out to clean the old rug, I decided to leave it out for a few days to have on hand for emergency cleaning of the new one since new rugs tend to shed. And my vacuum, while really really good, is also really really big.

One of those super-effective two piece monters. But like I said, new rug didn't need cleaning for awhile, so it sat there in the middle of my living room because I didn't want to drag it down the hall and into the guest bed only to have to drag it all the way back again a couple of days later.

Now, as I thought that something else occured to me: the only carpet in the house right now is in the living room. I have a closet in my living room. Why the heck isn't the vacuum being stored in the living room closet?!
Because somehow my brain had decided that the front closet was for shoes and coats, and a vacuum should be tucked away out of sight.

Ridiculous, you say? I concur.

So, out came a pair of galoshes and an umbrella, and in went the vacuum!

So now I'll be going through the rest of the house trying to figure out where else I've logic-ed my way into inconvenience!
So here's to an easier New Year!

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Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Shims! Great idea, I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thanks for the suggestion!

Pretty rug!