Monday, November 23, 2009

It's starting... Christmas Decorating!

In anticipation of Christmas decorating this year I decided I needed a mantle over the fireplace.

So I went to Lowes and picked up a shelf , drilled it in (a little crooked) and forgot to take a picture... but just a couple of days later I began decorating the new mantle and I have pictures of that!

I started with a pre-made wired garland with just a few plain pinecones in it.

Then I looped on this great ribbon from the Christmas Tree Shop ($1.99/10 yd.), and layered on shimmery fruit decorations, gold sprayed pine cones from last year's centerpiece, and bunches of cinnamon sticks wired together with gold wire.

Up on top I have a vase with gold sprayed birch branches and bittersweet (also a last year project purloined from another spot in the living room!), two cute little mercury glass (fake) votive holders from Target ($3.99 apiece), home-made pomander ball (instructions for that are at the bottom of this post), and a cute little capiz shell and gold angel from Christmas Tree Shop ($1!).

On the other end is a mosaic candle ($4.99) and a sparkly apple (last year), both from Christmas Tree Shop.

And in the middle? A pretty bowl with leftover Halloween candy hiding under more gold pine cones!

No tall taper candles on that mantle because I have cats and a paranoid husband...

You might also spy my wrapping paper stored in my galoshes in the corner there. The copper bucket needed a little height behind it, and those papers are so pretty!

The other Christmas prep work we did this week was to rearrange the furniture (AGAIN!) to make space for the Christmas tree.

It has a whole wall to itself! I'm not allowed to get one until after Thanksgiving, so the oregano plant is holding its place! But it'll be here next week!
Here we go- woo hoo!

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