Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Outside

Here are a couple pictures of the lights and fun outside the house:

Limited funds required me to get creative with what I already had, so I lined the path to the back door with my collection of glass lanterns and put LED tea lights in them.
The gold star on the door is a red star I found abandoned in the garage and spray painted (with the same can that did all the pine cones and boughs in my centerpiece.) I also used glitter glue to paint a very elaborate design on the star which, much to my chagrin, wasn't able to survive the crazy ice-storm, snow-storm, sunny 60 degree, humid rain weather-swing and peeled away almost completely before Christmas Eve...

I think next year I'll skip the icicle lights on the roof (a perilous sort of addition anyway...) and run some out to the apple trees instead. I do like the lights in the cedars by the door, although the big one has lights that the previous owner seems to have put in some years ago and are a little hard to see, so I'll have to pull those all out and redo them (and trim that tree!) this summer. I also put red bulb ornaments in the smaller tree and ringed the larger one with bittersweet boughs (that fell off almost immediately since I said, "Oh, I'll wire them in tomorrow" and then we got the ice storm...)

It was a little slapped together looking, I think, but not an altogether failure for a first try.

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