Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Decor is up!

And constantly being changed and shifted and updated... but I thought I may as well get some pictures up here now before Christmas has come and gone with me still trying to figure out where I want everything!

So today I will show you the tree:

And here's a shot where you can see it a little better:

I have up the usual assortment of old wood ornaments, new sparkly ones and the bulbs I decorated in college. This year I've also added a peacock element (an homage to the new wall color):

I stuck feathers in all over the tree, and clipped on three of those peacock ornaments (from Target.)

I had to buy a new topper this year because in all the moving my toilet paper-tube angel got crushed beyond repair. Target, Pier One and Home Goods all failed me in my hunt and I was about to break out the glitter and craft paper again when my Mom called to say she'd found me this one:

At KMart! It came with an ugly plastic cone to make it stick up on the top branch of the tree, but I prefer it snuggled down in the branches like this.

In this shot you can also see the ribbons that I personalized (wired ribbon and glitter glue.)

You may also have noticed that I finally did something with that large pile of branches that I evilly forced my husband to harvest with me in sub-zero (Celsius...) temperatures.

Not that you can see it very well in this picture... but I sprayed them lightly with silver and sprinkled them with crystal glitter, and those are tiny red glass bulbs hanging on there. It looks pretty when I light the candles under it.

I also did something with gold spray paint and the other bunch of branches, but that's in the dining room, and you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see that!

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