Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Big Kitchen Reveal!

When we moved in, the kitchen walls were a pale yellow (that looked sort of greenish) and the light fixture was an ugly standard (the cheapest they sell at home depot.)
Here is a picture:

I wanted to paint it a nice cheery yellow, but found that all that very red woodwork made finding a yellow to stand up to it very difficult. (That's the ugly light fixture.)

The one on the left was a strong enough color not to look green, but it made the wood look cheap, and it also looked very orange in daylight, which wasn't what I wanted.

That's the same color in different light...

So I decided to go for a more subdued wall color with a crazy fun chandelier.

The paint is Morning Gold from Freshaire Choice at Home Depot.

The chandelier is from Gallery 802. The color the fixture came in was more of an eggnog than an ivory, so I spray painted it ivory before I hung it. And those red shades are from Lowes.

Are you shocked? A subdued (comparatively...) color!
Now my only problem is that I find my kitchen clashes with my living room... which I confess I suspected would need to be repainted in the near future about three strokes into painting it blue. Not that I don't LOVE that color, ADORE the blue... but it's maybe a bit much for the living room.

I'm thinking more pink... a nice salmon-y seashell-y pink... Only time (and about 75 paint chips) will tell...

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Anna said...

It looks very classy.