Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spain! Valencia

Hey Everyone!
Hubby and I were lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Spain, and we loved it! The first week we spent in Valencia, where Hubby had a work conference. The second week, for vacation, we chose to go to Barcelona, mostly because I wanted to see some Gaudi! That and we wouldn't lose too much time traveling (which turned out to be a good thing because, of course, work ran long and we ended up only having 4 days of vacation!)

Of course I took way too many pictures, but I've tried to break it down to few enough that you won't get bored! Here are a few photographic highlights of Valencia.

Me at the Center for Arts and Sciences

Lunch with a very cool view! Snack Bar at Bioparc

Baby Hippo with Momma Hippo in background, Bioparc

Love the awkwardness! Bioparc giraffe.

"Hey, get down from there!" Bioparc

Posturing, Bioparc

Hubby wants that boat! America's Cup Marina

Cool sandcastle, beach at old port
Jardines del Real

Jardines del Real

Rose Garden at Jardines del Real

Cactii at Jardin Botanico

Proud of this picture! Cactus detail, Jardin Botanico

Very cool bench and tree, Carrer Del Palau de Justicia

Getting my bearings on first night, Plaza de la Virgen

Rain on Plaza de la Virgen

Statue, Plaza de la Virgen

Plaza de la Virgen at night

Entrance to Historic Quarter through arch on Torres del Quart

Pretty buildings in Historic Quarter

Surprise wedding with confetti and firecrackers!

I was just trying to get by and got this great shot instead. How glamorous is the old woman in the green dress?! To DIE for!! 

Buildings across from Central Market

Love the color on this building- totally inspiring my bathroom reno!

Central Market

Central Market

Outside of Central Market

Quiet alley in Historic Center

Dinner at Peggy Sue's Diner, too cute to pass up! (And packed every time I walked past! Food wasn't bad!)

Rainy night scene near Plaza de Ayuntamiento

And finally, the Plaza de Ayuntamiento

Still with me? Well, if you want more, check back later in the week and I'll have some shots of Barcelona up for your viewing pleasure!

: ) 

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Anna Staniszewski said...

That awkward giraffe is hilarious!